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European Gold
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gold American eagle at wholesale bulk price 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10 troy ounce Cheap, Low Prices Available

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Invest in American Gold Eagles 2014 and Earlier
Spot Ask Plus $48   1 ounce (oz)

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Silver Maple Leaf from Canada. Canadian Maple Leaf
Silver Mapleleafs
Spot Ask Plus $2.69
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$20 Gold Liberty Double Eagle .9675 Troy ounce gold coin almost one trouy ounce of gold bullion
U.S. Antique $20 Liberties: 

Gold 20 franc Napoleon III gold coin contains .1867 pure gold content. also known as "Nap 3's".  Buy wholesale, low price. U.S. and world gold coins Fast and Free Delivery. Call now.


 Napoleon III 

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European 20 Francs starting at $14.25 over melt value 
(.1867 troy) 
35 coin minimum.

Silver Maple Leaf from Canada. Canadian Maple Leaf

Canadian Maple Leaf +$2.45

Coin Pricing

About BAGC

European Gold
Canadian Silver Maple leaf

gold American eagle 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10 troy ounce

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[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]

Gold American Eagles, Lowest Prices, Wholesale

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Coin Pricing

About BAGC

European Gold
Canadian Silver Maple leaf

Canadian Silver Maples 

Siver American Eagles

Gold American Eagles

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Invest In Gold American Eagles
As a U.S. Mint American Eagle program dealer of all denominations of gold and silver eagle coins we can deliver any quantity directly to you or a depository approved for IRA storage.

The Gold Eagle bullion coin's weight, content, and purity is guaranteed by the United States Government. Requiring no assaying, American gold Eagles are easily converted to cash at any time.

We have 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, and 1 oz gold eagles available.

PURITY .9167 | 22 carat gold* Weight given is that of gold content. Actual weight is higher.

Coin Market Value

Each American Gold Eagle's price is based on the current market "spot price" plus a premium per coin. The spot price of gold (and all precious metals) is reported every business day in all major newspapers, network television and radio and online. Additionally, spot prices are updated in real-time on this website.

The Coin Design

The beautiful and classic design of the American Gold Eagle bullion coin is captured in the graceful Striding Liberty, first created by Augustus Saint Gaudens for the 1907-1933 $20 U.S. Double Gold Eagle gold coin. The reverse depicts a nest of American eagles signifying the strength and security of American families.

Only gold mined in the United States, by law, is used in the minting of American gold Eagle coins. The 1986 Gold Eagle marked the introduction of this world renowned Gold American Eagle bullion coin series. It has since become the world's most widely traded gold bullion coin.

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Proof Gold, Buffalos (American Bison).Are minted as collectors gold. This the exception to the pre-1933 gold rule. By law made for collectors and should be exempt from confiscation. Proof gold, flawless, perfect, proof 70, and proof 69 buffalo gold from discount, low price gold dealer, wholesale. Proof gold buffalo, $50, one (1) ounce, with (COA) Certificate of authenticity from U.S. Mint. We sell at a better price than Goldline International. ".9999 Gold", four nines gold, 4- 9's gold, Proof buffalo Gold coins from U.S. Mint, certified by PCGS and NGC. Certified gold buffalo coins at low price. "Low price guarantee" "Guaranteed lowest price" Certified proof seventy, perfect gold coin, flawless gold buffalo proof gold coin that weighs one troy ounce. U.S. Mint issued proof American Gold Buffalo certified authentic by PCGS and NGC with original mint COA.

Buffalo-Proof-.9999 Gold-70-flawless-ReverseProof-American-Buffalo-Obverse-of-2006-.9999-24karat-24k-Gold-Coin-Minted-at-West-PointPCGS and NGC
Certified "Proof 70" American Buffalo $50 One Ounce Gold Coins Dated 2006 Available at Low-Wholesale-Price.

Call For Up-To-The-Minute-Price. 480-593-8075

proof-70-Buffalo-gold-American-coin, Flawless Proof U.S. Buffalo gold coins at low wholesale price are minted for collectors and are safe to own as they meet the criteria that pre-1933 gold has.  Made under U.S. law for collectors as opposed to business strike coins that are made for gold hoarders, monetary bullion holders. These Proof Gold Buffalos are graded and authenticated by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and/or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as flawless proof 70's. They come complete with original Mint Packaging and Certificate of Authenticity from The United States Mint. These coins are minted specifically for collectors. This eliminates any issues relating to the recall/ confiscation of modern monetary gold bullion coins such as business strike American Eagles and business strike buffalos.

The United States Mint produces a proof version of buffalo gold coins specifically for collectors.

Production the American Buffalo 24-karat gold coins were authorized by Public Law 109-145, dated December 22, 2005. 

The American Buffalo Gold coin's obverse and reverse designs feature images originally prepared by noted American sculptor James Earle Fraser, once a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, for America's 5-cent coin (nickel). 

That popular coin, known as the Indian Head, or Buffalo, nickel was introduced in 1913 and showcases the native beauty of the American West. 

The Native American depiction on the coins obverse is believed to be based on three different American Indians. Two of the American Indians who modeled for Fraser as he sculpted the coin were named by the designer before his death. They were known as Chief Iron Tail of the Lakota Sioux and Chief Two Moons of the Cheyenne. Although many have claimed to have had a sitting with Fraser for this design, he could not recall the name of the third person and satisfactory documentation has not yet been found to identify that individual. It is widely believed that the bison on the coins reverse was modeled after Black Diamond, a popular attraction at the New York Zoological Gardens. 

In the first year of the coinís issuance, 1913, there were two distinct varieties, the first showing the bison on a mound and the second with the base redesigned to a thinner, straight line. American Buffalo Gold Coins bear the original Fraser Type I design. 

United States Mint American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins 

American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins are the first .9999 fine 24-karat gold coins ever struck by the United States Mint. These $50 gold coins are available to members of the public seeking a simple and tangible means to own and invest in 24-karat gold in the form of legal tender coins whose content and purity is guaranteed by the United States Government. 

United States Mint American Buffalo Gold Proof Coins 

The United States Mint produces a proof version of these coins for collectors. The term "proof" refers to a specialized minting process that begins by manually feeding burnished coin blanks into presses fitted with special dies. Each coin is struck multiple times so the softly frosted and highly detailed images seem to float above the field. 

An official Certificate of Authenticity, issued by the U.S. Mint, accompanies each coin.

All 24-Karat American Buffalo Gold Coins are struck at the United States Mint at West Point.



Ronald Reagan
  "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."
President Ronald Reagan.

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Proof Silver American Eagle Obverse (front) and Reverse View.

The Silver American Eagle

 The American Silver Eagle is the most popular current production coin in the USA.
The United States Mint has been producing Silver American Eagles since 1986.
This one troy ounce (31.1 grams) large silver dollar coin has a face value of one dollar and includes one troy ounce of 99.999% (three-nines) pure silver.
The Silver American Eagle is also minted as a PROOF coin for collectors and investors. Over the years the coins were produced at three United States mints. The Philadelphia mint, generated only "business strike" or standard issue coins. The West Point, New York and the San Francisco, California mints both have produced PROOF coins as well as business strikes


"It is one thing for the newspapers to keep blathering about an economic recovery that is nowhere in evidence for most Americans, but quite another to have us infer that the currency of our bankrupt nation is correctly viewed as a safe haven for investors."
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"Gold has been considered valuable since time immemorial, can anyone believe gold can be so valued by every society, both past and present, because of prejudice or mistaken theory?"